Best life advice in three or fewer words

The answer to many questions in life, follow the money. Look at how government runs and the curious decisions being made. Ever see the 20-something blonde in Vegas with the old coot? Follow the money.

"You're only as young as (the 20-something blonde in Vegas that) you feel."

-- the old coot

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Hey Billy hope all is well

yes sir good here, crawlin around in the creek with my metal detectors and gold pans.

Doin not bad, few nugs lots of flake.

Fun as fukk tho, soooo beautiful out here.

hope you good brother, Ain't it good to be a Nuck right now. Canada sweet!!!
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TYVM Morgan William!!!
I will cheat some. I will DOUBLE it and go 6:

Let the Play Come to You

I told this to JK one time when I did the radio show. In basketball each official has a certain zone they are responsible for. If the play is not in their zone and something happens - let your partner(s) call it. Wait for the play to come to you - THEN call it.

The crux of this is: DON'T GO CHASING!

If something is not coming your way - OK. Stay where you are and if something comes your way act accordingly. If not - que sera sera. It just wasn't meant to be.

If you want a certain number and the number never gets to the point of it being where you want - PASS! DON'T CHASE! If the number comes to where you want it now you play it. Same with "real life." If it is meant to be something for you to act upon it will come your way. Just make sure you are ready for i once it happens.