Best site to see what public is betting?

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here is my advice though. Only use this site if you are betting a prime time nationally telivised game.

The "majority" wins too ya know. In fact the public wins all the time.

If you get in the habit of letting this influence your handicappin you will be sorry.

Better off watching film and breaking down the X's and O's.


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Re: Best site to see what public is betting? is who I use and trust...... home page "Top Bets"
SIA home page "Most Popular"


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Re: Best site to see what public is betting?

sorry, was trying to show Sportsbook's trend page:doh1 90% on Arizona laying the points, 85% on the over...
Re: Best site to see what public is betting?

There arent any. No one knows what anyone is betting, anyone that claims they do is an attention seeking whore douchebag. And what does it matter? Everyone loses, so just because some guy people think is legendary bets a game doesnt mean jack shit.

if a line moves against a team you like take the extra 'value' dont get scared because you thin someone who is smarter than you thinks they dont have a chance. Not trusting your own opinion (if its any good at all) is the biggest failure anyone who makes a bet makes.

In 20 years of posting on forums I can guarantee I never ever posted that I was scared because a line moved against me. I always like to know the reason, especially in college (because games are fixed there, and RAS causes air moves) but for the most part I dont care.

If the public really bet the best teams every year they would never lose, because the best teams win, and that means they cover the spread more than enough to make someone a winner. That goes on every season. Pick the top 5 teams Su and you will have the top 5 teams ATS. This year no different. All the undefeated teams are more than likely undefeated ATS, I do know NE has a push week one due to laziness. And Den is 4-0 but has one ATS loss. But there are 6 undefeated teams that are 23-0 SU, I imagine their ATS record isnt any worse than 21-1-1 or 20-2-1 somewhere around there. There isnt any trick to beating the NFL you just have to bet on teams that can win and fade teams that cant. Guys just try to make it complicated by wondering what dick head is betting what and why.

Just look at the fucking standing and bet teams with smaller numbers in the loss column.