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Wow they just closed down.....couldn't pay players so they shut down and moved players to Bookmaker.


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they moved them that is cool..bookmaker did that with bet superior when it closed as well..


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Since Bookmaker took them over...I have gotten at least 5 calls trying to get me to deposit....offered a decent Freeplay Bonus too..
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Mark Roberts (CEO) must be hurting...........

Mark is going back to help out a group that is currently having some problems. Mark had way way too many sharps at his shop even with his limits. I know of 4 people that have taken over 30k each and several more with several more thousand to add to the damage.
I know Mark personally and have drinks and dinner with him any time I go to CR. This was a risk he was taking, but at the time he wanted to take it. Once over his head and in too deep, he asked for relief and got some. While not the sharpest knife in the drawer at times, he can market the shit out of a book.
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Gary built betatlas Mark didnt do shit there
Todd Westermann is the the guy known down in Costa Rica as ?Nick? and he is the original owner of Horizon. Max was merely an employee and Nick GAVE him 10% of the Company as a bonus. When Nick got busted, Max took it upon himself to STEAL the Company and run it into the ground, along with his wife Eneyda who is a Venzulean national. That's when Mark left.