Betonline 64 k parlay

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@DaveMasonBOL: Technically @ToddFuhrman he actually won just $64,613.53 b/c he hedged the last fight (Big Foot) $2,55 to win $1. True story.

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Even Mouldy doesn't get those numbers.

Makes my 8 team parlay RR wins seem like nothing
( likely cuz the $$$$ end up back in the dealer's hands )
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I actually won 50-55k parlay

But it did count I had a wager 300 on la Sparks wnba 2nd half to win like 270 it was going bad so I said fuck it I made an if win eager for 500 9 or 10 team parlay to win 50-55 k the under ended up losing by 3-4 pts I think all these fouls in the end

I did not even know my 9-10 team parlay won I realized later wow what a feeling would been to log in next day and see 50k in ur account lmao