BetOnline problems?

I see my balance has been wiped out.

It says due to 'casino loss'.

I dont play them. I certainly never played it at BetOnline.

And now they are unreachable.

I am guessing others have this problem as well


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I see my balance has been wiped out.

It says due to 'casino loss'.

I dont play them. I certainly never played it at BetOnline.

And now they are unreachable.

I am guessing others have this problem as well
I very seriously doubt this is a problem with Betonline and is likepy somebody that hacked into your account. Mind disclosing how much you lost? If it's a small amount, will likely have to just eat it.
btw one of their reps just called.

They said they found some discrepancy and they will reinstate my balance, just have to reset my password.

(which I cant do cause their instructions are not coming to my email address AND they are still unreachable)

The guy said someone from some another country logged in and played in the casino.

I am not sure I am buying that.

But if it gives me my balance back, I'll take it
they have had site problems starting last night(more like the last year) many can't log in,some peoples balances wiped out,as far as Dave,he is too bust tweeting
But the biggest question I want answered is... how did this happen?

Did my computer get hacked? (doubt it, cause everything else is intact. And why would someone hack into my machine? To friggen' play casino games??? Makes no sense)

Or was it thru their end? I mean I sent money on a Wed and my account was messed with in less than 36 hours??

What can I do to have this never happen again?

I kinda hated 5D's security features at first but I see them in a very different light now.

Should I just take my money out of there???

Ok so they believed me this time. I am not quite sure they will do so again, if there is a next time

They told me to change my password. However I never told anyone this one either. Whoever got in the first time, will have no problem to get in a second time.

I still believe tho, that their system "crashed" somehow and that is the root cause
My case is still unresolved.

I called them yesterday. She says 'they are in a meeting, they will call you back'....they never did.

Today chat tells me to call in, however they are unreachable again

I am not liking this place

And unfortunately after doing some digging I found a case very similar to mine

Your NameRon | 25 Feb 2019
The site ripped me off sevearal times Are first it was just a few sports bets that I won but they didn't pay off Then all the money I had in the Sportsbook account funds disappeared overnight and I was told I had spent it in the casino (I didn't) They told me to wait 24-48 hours for an answer During the wait time somebody made 3 more deposits into my BetOnline account usong my debit card and not surprisingly that money is also gone (stolen) All contact with them has lead to no resolution,foot dragging and more wait time Tomorrow I go to my bank and file wire fraud charges Avoid playing on this asshole site at all costs ubless you want somebody to illegaly drain your bank account and shrug

So my odds of getting my balance reset just went down considerably.

Unfortunately I used bitcoin as deposit. so charging back is not an option
Completely unacceptable.

Not for nothing but it would be nice if EOG at least pretended to give a shit about things like this......


Unfortunately 99% of the posters aren't really concerned until it happens to them......

A site that actually went to bat for their posters would be nice.

No, not Kelly, he's already pretending to do enough, hire a VD or someone like that who among other duties helps resolve this sort of stuff.

Kind of sad a poster has these kind of problems and he's basically being ignored by everyone at EOG.

I appreciate the heads up here, I'm lucky if I check out SBR once a year.

I just think it's bush league for the site to not even pretend to give a damn......

Take it from me the difference in getting something resolved is often because a site made the effort to get involved.

Maybe SBR will come through for you. :rolleyes:

I'm done, carry on.
The "They're in a meeting" excuse is a bad sign. .

Exactly why I hate betting online so much.

The bettors in Vegas don't know how good they have it..

need 3-10 outs. sad but true. betting in person can get you shut out easy also. One place to have offshore is Cris. They are just about last to close the window.
Btw they told me the activity came from Korea

So this happened shorty after a bitcoin transaction.

So I am wondering how safe are bitcoin transactions?

I used

Maybe they tracked it to my Betonline address, logged in and tried to steal it? However once you take the freeplay the money is locked in, so they decided to mess around in the casino?