Betting in-game early NBA

I've talked about the over reaction in the MLB in-game but the NBA is almost as good (bad, depending how you're looking at it) when I seen Toronto up 6-0 I went right to IG and waited for the line, bk and forth to game/book and loved to see 7-0 then 9-2 then 12-2 and then line came up +9.5 which I hammered pot limit...

Is there anything less relevant then a 10pt lead in the NBA with 44 minutes out of 48 still remaining? Funny ass shit now they are up at the half by like 11 and I'm holding a +20 ticket.

Anyone who knows me knows I don't post to brag on a game but to talk about the angle....line was 5 and 9.5 was available 5 minutes in and you're telling me that ain't an angle? Hell yes it is and it happens daily in the MLB and NBA
Re: Betting in-game early NBA

I have a hard time talking with posters on and off the forums.....Squares don't want to talk to me and Sharps are afraid of me....I'm a tweener in the gambling game, skills to pay the bills but I don't pay the bills.
Re: Betting in-game early NBA

You have posters after every game that goes from 6.5 to 7.5 and the game land on 7 and they pump their chest out like a peacock (see Raiders and Fishhead) and say "nobody should have Los that game" lol I could say that after every game with an in-game reference...

The game can be beat...and it can be beat easy