. what is taking joe so long to join?
i assume he was delaying to be dramatic and build "anticipation", there's really no reason to jump in this early anyway. late this year would be prime time.

I have heard there's a huge scandal involving Bidens son involving the Ukraine, dirty money, etc, that could be part of it.


Bells Beer Connoisseur
Because the people who watch fox hate her regardless of what her stance on anything is, people who watch fox already have their minds made up regarding her, every host on that network trashes her on a daily basis, so naturally the people who watch fox won't look at her neutrally. Let's say the typical fox viewer tunes into Hannity or Tucker and as soon as the show starts they see a pic of AOC on the screen and she's being talked about, the first thought going through that viewer's head about her is immediately negative, it makes no difference what's being discussed, they automatically have a negative opinion about her. No one who watches fox does so with an open mind, they already have their mind made up about her.
The same can be said about Trump and CNN, MSNBC, etc. people watch those two channels because they are more in line with their beliefs. There is a segment of the viewership who does watch the other channel, mainly to hate what is said.
Biden looks like he will no mas before he announces. Out before he gets in the gate. I am hoping Bernie stays in socialist spoiler form. As long as Bernie is in the race, everybody will go going Kesha hard left. If Bernie drops out, a more moderate candidate could win. I don't want Joe to drop out either. He could be the moderate spoiler. she's perfect scenario is to have those 2 in front as long as possible as false frontrunners.


EOG master
Isn't he great? Did you see that idiot woman that really believes that if we dont cut carbon emissions in 1/2 in 12 years, it'll be too late?
No he isn't great, he's a giant douchebag, and I would never waste my time watching his garbage show, I just happened to turn it on to see what story he would lead with, and sure enough it was AOC again
You better stockpile some supplies and get prepared then. Shit’s gonna hit the fan here on Earth if your prediction comes to fruition.

railbird knows the date of the rapture but holding out on us. There are expiration dates on canned food. I have no idea when this will happen. So every so often I get new canned food & throw out the old stuff.
People in the middle typically don't watch fox, so I still don't know why fox is obsessed with her, the people that watch fox wouldn't like her anyway, fox is just preaching to the choir
Because of ratings Kane. She makes other people money. Why do you think her picture is all over social media. She gets clicks.

Some of you democrats think people who are fiscally conservative just hate everyone. I'm fiscally conservative because I trust myself to spend better than Trump, Pelosi, Schumer, or AOC ever will. They get rich off of us. They don't help the poor. Go to Compton and look at their schools during the Obama years. They weren't any better and that's in Cali with the so called equality socialists running things. They don't care about the poor. GTFOH with that stuff.


Bells Beer Connoisseur
No he isn't great, he's a giant douchebag, and I would never waste my time watching his garbage show, I just happened to turn it on to see what story he would lead with, and sure enough it was AOC again
As I suspected, its all about the $$$. Pretty interesting read here

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez Has Turned the Corporate Media Into an Agent of Socialist Change
There are 101 new House members in the 116th Congress. Approximately 99 percent of these fresh-faced lawmakers do not identify as socialists. Thirty of the newly elected Democrats have joined their party’s pro-business caucus— which now boasts roughly as many members as its “progressive” one. For all the chatter about a “tea party of the left,” the Democratic center held in 2018: With a handful of exceptions, Establishment-backed incumbents triumphed in their primaries, while swing-district moderates prevailed in November.
But the corporate media doesn’t want to talk about that.
In its single-minded quest to maximize shareholder value, the for-profit Fourth Estate has been suppressing centrist ideas in favor of socialist ones. The bourgeois press hasn’t run a word on House freshman Ben McAdams’s “all of the above” energy policy — even as it’s published near-daily featureson Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez’s “Green New Deal.” The major networks have ignored Jeff Van Drew’s thoughts on improving the Obamacare exchanges, even as they’ve given Ocasio-Cortez a prime-time platform to call for nationalizing the health-insurance industry. Major newspapers have buried the New Democrat Coalition’s plans for real corporate tax reform, while devoting multiple columns to the socialist congresswoman’s extemporaneous reflections on soaking the rich.
These editorial choices haven’t merely exaggerated the left’s influence within the Democratic Party – they’ve actively increased it. Ocasio-Cortez has translated her disproportionate media coverage into disproportionate power, extracting coveted committee appointments from the House leadership, and policy commitments from her party’s 2020 hopefuls. Which is to say: The corporate media has been manufacturing dissent.
Of course, for-profit news outlets do not actually have an anti-capitalist bias. Ocasio-Cortez secured privileged access to such influential platforms by first establishing her own. The congresswoman’s mastery of social media has won her a massive, personal audience of extremely online millennials — whose eyeballs just happen to be more valuable to advertisers than (virtually) any other demographic’s. Major news outlets haven’t put “AOC” in their spotlights because they admire her ideology, but because they covet her audience. Mainstream coverage of Ocasio-Cortez has (typically) treated her policy views with suspicion, if not contempt. But adversarial publicity is good publicity for a freshman House member (and a long-marginalized socialist movement). Ocasio-Cortez may have had to build her own social-media megaphone to attract 60 Minutes’ attention — but once she did, that program provided her with an even louder megaphone. As prime-time appearances have swelled her following, AOC’s influence has reached unprecedented heights: Over the past month, her Twitter account has generated more interactions than America’s five most prolific news organizations combined. For this reason, among others, the objective consequence of mainstream reporting on AOC has been to push the Democratic Party in her direction (as the New York Times just objectively reported). Through the sheer power of her Twitter “dunks,” the congresswoman has turned the corporate media into an agent of socialist change.
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Chart: Chris Canipe/Axios; Data: CrowdTangle
This development complicates the conventional left-wing critique of American mass media. In Noam Chomsky’s influential account, our nation’s corporate-owned news outlets perform “a system-supportive propaganda function” analogous to that of state-owned media in one-party dictatorships. Of course, in our liberal democracy, this propagandistic effect isn’t achieved through overt coercion, but “by reliance on market forces, internalized assumptions, and self-censorship.” Dissent isn’t (usually) suppressed, but elite gatekeepers guard the boundaries of respectable opinion. This is less oppressive than authoritarian modes of policing public discourse, but it might also be even more effective: As Chomsky argues, “the smart way to keep people passive and obedient is to strictly limit the spectrum of acceptable opinion, but allow very lively debate within that spectrum.”
nobody beating trump although before I put my play in I will wait for railbirds play. His last prez election cashed. Naturally I had the loser.
These idiots had 2 guys who could have given Trump fits. Sharrod Brown and Bloomberg. Especially Bloomberg. Not only left with the crazies, a Socialist nommy probably triggers a 3rd candidate and that would be the killshot.
Beta and Tulsi only 2 with a chance. Beta doesn't look like he can take a hit. This isn't 2008. Media cannot protect him. Tulsi is hated by the base. Go past those two, Trump's reelection to win or he passes it off to Pencil and he'll win for the same reason HW won in 1988.


EOG Master
If Bernie gets any momentum look for Fox to start selling socialism means communism to TKO him again. I love
him for the simple reason he'd stick it to Wall Street. Biden already coined 'Sleepy'.


EOG Dedicated
Biden already coined 'Sleepy'.
Yes I noticed the Russian bots and Saudi bots are all over Facebook and Twitter attacking Biden. Trump the traitor seeks and welcomes this foreign help.
"Russia if you're listening help me win in Michigan and Wisconsin".


EOG Master
Doesn't matter your affiliation if you like bank credit cards charging 30+ interest Biden is your man. His stint
in Delaware was basically a shill for big banks. Fuck him.
I don't know who is going to win the D nom, but Biden and Bernie are going to look horrible on the debate stage, next to younger faces like Mayor Pete, Beto, Tulsi, 1556280402253.png , Booker, Ryan, and some others. Even Lizzie looks like a spring chicken next to Bernie and Joe. They lead now because of name recognition, but the debates will tell the story. Mayor Pete has the big early Mo. Only one who has somewhat broke through.