Big Rule Change in MLB....

The trade deadline is now the official more picking up or trading players in August....

No more additions for those going to the playoffs.....I like the rule.....


EOG Addicted
I like the change, but would prefer to move the deadline back to May 31 or so. This makes teams commit sooner to finishing the season right, and they can'r be renting p[ayers. Also have to rely on their farm systems.


The opening odds start here
You're barely 2 months in if you do Memorial Day weekend. Like the NBA, it makes sense to adopt this rule change just after the ASB.


EOG Addicted
Jimmy. That's actually my point. That puts more premium on getting your roster right early, and less ability to get compensated for not competing the whole season. I realize it's not going to happen.

I just reread your comment. The All Star break would be good.