Billary Has no shame...


EOG Master
2008 presidential candidate Hillary Clinton is blasting former top White House aide Lewis Libby for allegedly lying to investigators, saying his decision to leak CIA employee Valerie Plame's name to the press was "simply reprehensible."
"Taking such action for political purposes is simply reprehensible and should never be tolerated," Clinton complains in a statement posted to her web site.
The former first lady, who had her own truth-telling problems in the Travelgate scandal, said Libby's attempts to "interfere with the investigation" by deceiving investigators "raises serious national security concerns." "This administration owes our CIA agents around the world a promise that their identities will never be jeopardized," she railed. "And it owes the American people direct answers and responsible action."

In 2000, then-Independent Counsel Robert Ray issued his final report on the Travelgate probe, where he concluded: "The overwhelming evidence establishes that Mrs. Clinton played a role in the decision to fire the [travel office] employees and thus her statement to the contrary under oath to this office is factually false."