Billy Walters releases his Super Bowl 58 Play and it's on ...


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The Kansas City Chiefs.

He said he's betting small which for him is $500,000 - $1,000,000.

He thinks the Chiefs should be favored by 2..



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Everybody is saying the same thing, from Scott Van Pelt to Walters. How can you make Mahomes a underdog?

63 percent on the money is on KC currently. Books knew they would get KC money early plus ML bets. If there's any reason to bet SF, it's the aforementioned.


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I saw a post yesterday on twitter/x saying top 5 biggest bets so far - all over 500k - were all on SF

I think 3 of them had been placed at Caesars.


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What percentage of Super Bowl bettors really know who Billy Walters is? Or for that matter, care.

Most people have an opinion on the Super Bowl the second the NFC and AFC championship Games are over.