Blues and Bruins G7 - What ya got?

Which one of the 5 choices is your BB in this game (Blues PL -200 not an option)

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TYVM Morgan William!!!
Under for me. But no way I am laying 55-cents for it. I'll play U5 instead at a much better price and hope I don't get killed by TWO empty netters.......which could happen. If Blues are down a goal and pull the goalie and give up an ENG, the first chance they have to pull the goalie again they will and that is how 2-1 becomes 4-1 very quickly


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Dont like that bet - unless you are certain one team only scores one or less. Game could be 2-2 midway in the second and then you're praying for a push.

And this is game 7 9f the SCF. Even if its 4-0 we will see something crazy like pulling the goalie with 5-7 minutes to go. I dont like the over, but no way can play the under will all the silly scenarios


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I almost feel like if you think the game goes under, it will need to end up 2-1. Play both teams to win 2-1 as individual props. Anything else and we see ridiculous antics with pulling goalies


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I was 7 in 1970 when when the Blues played the Bruins in the Stanley Cup Final 49 years ago. And the Blues first "Final" since then.

Now game #7. Puck drop @ 7:23 pm central time. Maybe they'll drop it @7:07 pm central instead.

7's wild. Does a totals prop of exactly 7 exist? Highly doubt it. What about an exact 7 periods prop (3 regular, 4 overtime)? Again, highly doubt it.

Just having a little fun -- not serious -- regarding the props.
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Borefest, gald this shit sport is over, i only watch Olympics when can root 4 europe
Funny. I've seen you post at least 2-3 times how exciting playoff hockey is. Now your acting all bipolar tonight. Strange behavior for a creepy stalker like I watched in that video the other day. You off your meds tonight?


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I didn't want to pay the heavy juice to go Under 5.5, so I closed out an open parlay with the Under, when STL scored to make it 4-0 I knew I was in trouble, I expected Bos to pull Rask early since at that point they were in desperation mode, and when they scored with the extra man I almost didn't watch the ending, but fortunately the game ended 4-1