"Boogie" Cousins Worth Anything On The Number?

John Kelly

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Pinnacle closed Game 3 with Golden State -2.5 (EVEN).

They were begging/scrambling for Golden State money after it was announced Klay Thompson would not play.


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Cousins so bad, so unathletic, so clumsy, so dumb. Cousins incapable of being a part of a championship team. He needs to be parked on the bench the rest of this series

John Kelly

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On the day Golden State acquired DeMarcus Cousins, I claimed if the Warriors won the NBA title, it would not be because of DeMarcus Cousins but rather in spite of him.


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GSW wanted 'Boogie' Cousins but got 'Bogus' Cousins.....

He should have sat out. This series is killing his FA appeal.


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Total is at 216. Any reason not to go over again? Boogie did not Boogie. Probably got screwed out of 4 points (the goal tending non call for sure). His defense was bad, so, I cannot see starting him the next game as Serge ate him up at the defensive end. Not that Bogut was a lot better. Never thought I would say this but it hurt not having Looney.


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I was focused on Looney being out and Cousins playing and scoring but not so good on defense? So, going to try that Boogie > 14 1/2 although 155 is a lot. Total is shrinking on the game. Was hoping Klay would play.
Looking at Looney while he shot free throws late in the game, he looked like he was still in quite a bit of pain. I suspect he will come up on the injury report for game 5.