Bookmakers on a certain game


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Do you think when the tide starts going against the bookmakers on a certain game they try to compete by playing off at other books?. Then the sharpies take advantage of this situation by betting money at a book on everything except the team they really want and then BIG amounts to the bookie on their favorite play. The fake wagers then skews the odds so that the real team they want pays off. Which in the end the bookie has to match it. Do you think these bookies will get put out of business by doing this?


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These lowlife's will do anything to trick us poor folk. :+signs11- They set the Pats line at -7 to suck in all the losers who post how sharp they are getting a TD on a deadbeat team, then what do they do, move it to 8:+party-3+ That way they trawl in the other wannabe sharps who think the sharps must have been on the Pats all the time, not to mention the squares who took the 7 that are now :+paranoid and buy back their bet for a loss.:blah