Boras Says Deal In Place For Harper...

He turned down 300mil for 10 (Nats) therefore Stanton's record deal of 352m in jeopardy.
That's because he is not staying in the east. The closest team east would be the Cardinals. And the Cards want him and Harper has said he loves playing in St. Louis.

Cards are a top choice believe it or not


Railbird is a past posting pos
I have a hard time believing Bryant gets moved. Besides, supposedly one of the reasons Harper is interested in the Cubs is due to his friendship with Bryant
if Bryant returns and healthy ..the cubs don't need him. Cubs need singles hitters. Cubs blew it not going after corbin or Paxton.


TYVM Morgan William!!!
cubs have a lot of bad contracts 1 more won't matter. Time to dump and eat them.
A large number of Dodgers' fans had to be set to the ER with laughing pains last off-season with the Yu Darvish contract. He wasn't worth $12.6M for 6 years let along $126M