Brooklyn Nets vs Atlanta Hawks


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NBA Brooklyn Nets vs Atlanta Hawks

Recommendation: Hawks - 4

Odds: 1.862

Bookmaker: Pinnaclesports / Sportmarket

Surprise, surprise, I’m backing Atlanta here against Brooklyn. It’s more a play against miserable Nets of course than a super confidence in Atlanta after their last struggles. Brooklyn’s season is already over, even after only 10 games into the season. They’re 1-9 and if someone in the organization or among the fans still believes in something good for this season, he’s probably the biggest optimist in the world. It’s not about tanking of course, too early stage of the season but this will happen later on. Lack of motivation, skill and veteran age are more than enough troublemakers for Nets currently.

Atlanta will miss starting PG Jeff Teague but second string German teen Schroedder (remember that villain from Teenage Mutant Turtles, ha!) is a capable replacement, already showing great promise for his NBA career. Hawks will probably be outrebounded tonight, they’re around the bottom teams in the league in rebounding. I guess it will be the only category Nets could have an advantage. Moreover Nets make many silly turnovers and their offense is totally ineffective and inadequate at some points. Joe Johnson is way past the point where he was able to provide high class 1 to 1 isolation offensive production and Brook Lopez can’t do it all alone.

In a nutshell, Atlanta just need to have an average to good game and will win easily; they have full dominance in the series in recent years btw. Nets need quite a spectacular shooting night, in addition to Hawks bad one, to have a chance. The choice is clear.