Browns get richer...

You can write off Baltimore.

Losing too many people on defense.

I would take the Steelers with + money IF they replace AB with someone quite good. Juju is good but they need one more
The Ravens can sign any rb they want, they still wont be able to pass.

And they desperately need a shutdown D, so they dont have to pass the ball. LOL

They have already lost 4 good defenders
Cleveland will want to get rid of him next year . Great player but the problem he is to the game. The Gm and owner hope he turns it around.


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Browns Offense Updated:

Baker Mayfield - 23
Nick Chubb - 23
Kareem Hunt - 23
Duke Johnson - 25
Odell Beckham Jr. - 26
Jarvis Landry - 26
Antonio Callaway - 22
Hollywood Higgins - 24
David Njoku - 22
Demetrius Harris - 27

Good young and emerging offense however 12/1 to win it all!?
The problem they'll face is, there's only one football, the first time one of them doesn't get enough touches and starts mouthing off, there could end up being issues, maybe they have too many chiefs and not enough Indians, I guess we'll see how it all works out.


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They will be favorites to win division. Odds from Westgate on AFC champs: BROWNS +700; STEELERS +1500; RAVENS +2000; BENGALS +5000