Bruins are -220 at my local casino....


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And people at twin river are still lining up on their bruins jerseys to bet it.


And I’ll gladly take the extra 20c from the best available number otherwise.
Kiosk are great for this ..500 max..if you go to the clerks they need approval and it gets denied above 500..
They are cracking down at the cashier? I don’t bet there,,, cash my tickets and go to the kiosks.

No problems at all getting down whatever you want on the kiosk— $500 at a time


TYVM Morgan William!!!
...........and my guess is they took nothing but Bruins tickets at that price. Don't blame them. If people are stupid - make them pay for it

I once had a "local" in the CA Bay Area. I knew whenever I wanted to fade the A's/Giants/49ers/Raiders/Cal/Stanford/Etc - I could always get an extra 5-10 cents or maybe 1/2-point by fading those teams