Bush is speaking now about Katrina...


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And he clearly has no idea what he is saying, he is just looking down and hesitating and trying to remember his lines. And this idiot is asking congress for 10 billion? That is a pittens, what a joke. And fema is a joke, they havnt even set up camp or helped people get out. Where is the office of homeland security? Oh yeah, I guess theyre only worried about osama bin ladin.

The victims of tsunami relief??? What the hell is this guy saying.
77, I guess ole Badnarik would have had this thing figured out by now and all those poor souls would be down at Burger King eating free whoppers.

This is an unpresedented disaster. You people act like mobilizing an operation of this magnitude should only take a day. Trees are down, roads out, it's tough and it could take weeks. Hell Congress is on vacation, but they MAY get back by Monday to help Bush along. MAY'N!