Bush Speech Problems

Bush delivering his Hurricane speech ,that cut his 6 week vacation short a day, stumbling through yet another speech. It's been so long since he had to actually read anything, since he claims not to read the paper, that once again the sentences are coming very strained. He's calling for Americans now to contribute cash since he can't tap into those record windfalls his oil company buddies are having or maybe some of that Iraq money. New Orleans is devasted but atleast the Guardsmen are making their rounds in fucking Iraq tonight avoiding stampede deaths while their wives in the states are using all their money for $3 gas.

What life is in Bushworld:+clueless

That's the way GEORGE rolls!


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I just watched President Bush deliver another choppy speach. It didnt put my mind at ease and I am no where near New Orleans. Imagine how the citizens of N.O. who were able to hear this speach feel. Not very reassuring Mr. President, not at all.
Lawrence said:
Moderators, please put this in the political room, as not to cloud the Gambling forum with such drivel...
I do not consider our President's first speech in Washington in months DRIVEL!