Can I use generic Activated Carbon filters on my Air Purifier?


EOG Member
Unfortunately, Activated Carbon filters cannot be cleaned and reused. Once an Activated Carbon filter is completely used up it must be discarded and replaced. There are processes available for re-activating the carbon by removing all the gases adsorbed by it. These however require specific industrial equipment and this cannot be done at home.coconut shell activated carbon
You might find that the Activated Carbon replacement filters sold by Air Purifier manufacturers are quite pricey. There are other manufacturers who sell activated carbon filters that are the exact size required for your Air Purifier. These generic and un-branded filters are usually 20-25% cheaper than the branded version.​
While the unbranded filters are cheaper, they also tend to be lower quality as compared to the branded version. The quality is lower due to two reasons​
The amount of Activated Carbon used in the filter (density)​
The source of the fuel used to make the Activated Carbon (quality)​
The lower quality of activated carbon used in generic filters will lead to the air purification provided to be less effective than branded filters. You will also find that these filters get used up faster than their branded counterparts.​
Our broad suggestion is to go with branded replacement filters as they will make up the price difference with their better quality and longer lifespan​
So that’s our quick tour of Activated Carbon and why it is important when it comes to Air Purifiers. If you can take-away a few things from this, remember that​
Activated Carbon is used to remove odors, gases and VOCs in Air Purifiers​
Other filters are no good against odors and VOCs – you NEED activated carbon in your Air Purifier​
Activated Carbon filters cannot be cleaned or reused and need to be replaced once they are used up. activated carbon manufacturers