Can Tony Stewart drive to the podium and grab his second NASCAR title?

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Another Day, Another Dollar

Each year from February to November, redneck racing fans around the world tune in each American Sunday. Preferring and enthused for the Saturday events of course. We enjoy the smoke and roaring of those engines. Our blood pressure rises when command is given to start the engines and then the green flag drops and we yell boogity, boogity, boogity. Sitting back in our chair for hours and watching the tires blow and pit strategy.

The diehard NASCAR fan will watch for their favorite drivers to do well. We may only like a number, a picture on a hood, or maybe a certain team owner. I mean, who can't root for Hendricks or Roush?

Something very interesting has happened in the last few weeks of the season that NASCAR fans are amazed at. The performance shown by one Tony Stewart. Stewart, an Indiana native and former IRL champ has been on a surge similar to the likes of Lance Armstrong in the mountains of France.

Stewart, the 1999 rookie of the year and 2002 NASCAR champion has won 5 of the last 7 races. It all started at back on June 26 in California, where he won a road course race at Infineon raceway in California. That was only the beginning.

Since then, the guy who has been ordered by NASCAR to undergo anger management classes has reeled off 4 more wins at Daytona, New Hampshire, The Indianapolis Brickyard 400.

Ah, The Brickyard. Tony grew up close to Indy. His dream has been to win there and now that he has, he will try to get an IRL win he has stated. His win there was a dream come true to him, even more special than me or you hitting the powerball. It was a great story and a special moment in NASCAR and back in Indiana.

After that Stewart has won at Watkins Glen road course as well making him a winner 5 times in the last 7 races, vaulting him to the top of the leader board in the point standings for NASCAR. Stewart is top and a mathematical entry into the race for the chase in NASCAR. Stewart has 3268 points, 126 ahead of the next driver Jimmie Johnson with Greg Biffle close at 3016. These are the only 3 to have 3000 plus points at this time.

Can Tony Stewart drive to the podium?

I do not think Stewart will win the NASCAR cup title. Stewart has been gifted with one of the great runs in sports. But, when we get to start over with 10 races to go, I see those bad luck incidents happening for Stewart & Co. Owner is Joe Gibbs, the legendary and current Washington NFL team coach.

Stewart, I feel the tide will change and there will be another Driver grab hold of that good luck you have had and your luck will diminish. I think that that Jimmie Johnson of Hendricks motor sports or Greg Biffle of Roush Racing will get the streak of good luck going and bring in the trophy.

It does not matter how it really unfolds as we NASCAR fans will enjoy and maybe throw a few bad words at our non-favorite drivers each week and at seasons end.

We will be back in February starting the whole process over again and enjoying our passion for cars and the thrill of racing.

Good luck Tony. I am certain you will read this.

See you Saturday night for the best race of the year. The night race at Bristol motor speedway.

Feel free to share your opinions.