Capping Other Cappers

Re: Capping Other Cappers

Another good day.

Thanks for the winners, MadCapper, Vanshady and SportsGirl.

Check this out...Last 3 days: 11-2, +10 unit :houra

Today: 3-0, + 3 units

YTD: 54-51-2 (51%), +3.15 units
Re: Capping Other Cappers

is this a hot streak or you working with something here?

btw feel free to put that Julia Bond avator back up whenever you want...think that was yours?
Re: Capping Other Cappers

Got a hot streak going. I hope to keep it going.

I never had a julia bond avator. But I looked her up and I like what I see. I'll put a few of her in the chicas thread.

BTW, Michael Jackson is sexier. :thumbsup
Re: Capping Other Cappers

yea micheal is obviously the sexiest in history...

someone had julia in the pink outfit bouncin her ass...

if you post picks of her get newer ones with all her tatts