Cash Bets Are Your Best Chance To Win In Sportsbetting

Boys it is very difficult win period in sportsbetting and any form of account wagering makes it even tougher. The majority of people will just bet until they lose it all when wagering online. Lets face it most of us do not take money out but just deposit. One of main reasons is it takes way too long to actually see cash in your hands.

Now if one was making cash bets and getting paid right after games you would see an increase in the chance of showing a profit. There is nothing like putting up actual cash from your pockets and then collecting in cash after the game. It will curb loses too as you will hestitate if you lose a couple of bets. It promotes discipline and you will not for the most part lose excessive amounts like compared to online or with a local.

Who here places bets with cash other than Vegas??
there is a greaseball in bridgeport you can post up with.
settle that day, or next morning if its a west coast pm game.

we use him sometimes, but his numbers are sharply opinionated.
I disagree unless playing with cash is combined with discipline. While i have never played at Pinny, from what i hear a payout is usually handled in hours, no different from a local guy who pays same day, or playing in Vegas IMO.<?xml:namespace prefix = o ns = "urn:schemas-microsoft-com:eek:ffice:eek:ffice" /><o:p></o:p>

Why cant you request a Neteller payout at end of each betting day, isn?t that the following the same principal? The problem is people don?t cash out every day because it is inconvenient if you know that tomorrow you will be betting, this is dangerous if you are not disciplined. Even if you go to Vegas for weekend when you play table games you get paid in chips and most will hold their large chips until the end of their stay. In sports most will take a voucher if large $$ is involved. This is no different than having virtual cash v.s. real cash as you are suggesting. <o:p></o:p>

I think that based on this playing with real cash vs. virtual cash will not increase your profit if it is not combined with discipline.<o:p></o:p>


never enuff

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I agree with you JJ. most of us won't unload our accounts because we know damn well we will need it to bet tomorrow or the next day or whenever. and if i costs to deposit money it costs even more in the long run........


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I aree JJ betting cash and then if you win getting paid in cash right after the game is the best, I only have this option on big sporting events around my way.

Bet Jamaica is the fastest with western union if you like to deal with just cash. Call them for a payout and they will have your control number in an hour at the most 2. Also they only charge you what western union charges no extra fees.

If anybody knows any other book that only charges you what western union charges for a withdrawal and dosen't add there on fee to it please let me know. thanks