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If you flip on the television today, you will be greeted by report after report about the Muslim homicide bombings in Jordan that insinuates that our policy in Iraq is solely to blame. If we hadn't deposed Saddam Hussein all would be sweetness, sunshine, blue skies and green lights throughout the Middle East. Two goals at work here:

1.) To inoculate and excuse the Muslim murderers of any and all responsibility for their actions. Hell ... let's not even call them Muslims! You see this at work in France too. All those riots there are because France just hasn't assimilated those poor "disadvantaged" youths.

2.) Carrying it a step further ... It's George W. Bush's fault. Remember, anytime a Muslim anywhere in the world takes the life of another human being, it's Bush's know, because we're in Iraq.

Also, notice the entry of Richard Clarke into the coverage. According to Saint Richard, all of these attacks are happening at the behest of Al-Qaeda....due to our presence in Iraq. So the media laps it up...convinced that hey...if we would just stop making them mad, they would stop killing innocent people. Remember, offending a Muslim is a crime punishable by death.

Never mind the fact that these attacks have nothing to do with Iraq...the Islamic murderers that pulled the rip cord under their vests and took the proverbial eternal celestial desert sand nap did so not because of Iraq, but because they hate all non-believers. To the fundamentalist Muslims, if you do not worship Allah, you must be either converted, subjugated or killed.

Oh...and we weren't in Iraq on September 11, 2001...yet the Islamic terrorists still struck. What was their excuse then?
Sounds like I wouldn't piss on whomever you back politically if they were on fire, Ari.

Guess dirty is the only one who know anything about politics.

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