Cheater or Innovator? Knaus in trouble again with NASCAR

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Another Day, Another Dollar

Crew chief Chad Knaus calls himself an innovator in the racing world. NASCAR hasn't exactly seen it the same way. Here is a Knaus timeline that includes penalties imposed by NASCAR:

- March, 21, 2001: Suspended two races and fined $5,000 for using unapproved shoulder harnesses in a car driver by Stacy Compton.

- Oct. 22, 2001: Fined $750 for using unapproved windshield clips on Compton's car.

- Dec. 10, 2001: Hired by Hendrick Motorsports as crew chief for Jimmie Johnson's No. 48 Chevrolet.

- July 11, 2002: Fined $25,000 for having improperly installed mounting bolts. The team also was docked 25 championship points and 25 owner points.

- July 23, 2002: Fined $5,000 for cursing during a live television interview, NASCAR's first sanction for profanity.

- May 21, 2003: Fined $1,000 for using an unapproved air-directional device during NASCAR's All-Star race.

- May 26, 2003: Signed five-year contract extension with Hendrick Motorsports.

- May 27, 2003: Fined $2,500 for using an unapproved refrigerant.

- March 15, 2005: Suspended two races and fined $35,000 because Johnson's race-winning car failed to meet the minimum height requirement during post-race inspection at Las Vegas. The team also was docked 25 championship points, which knocked Johnson out of the points lead.

- March 16, 2005: Appealed suspension.

- March 23, 2005: National Stock Car Racing Commission overturned the suspension and placed Knaus on 90 days of probation, but upheld the fine and the points penalty.

- Sept. 30, 2005: NASCAR changes a rule regarding shock absorbers after Knaus exploited a loophole that caused Johnson's car to fail post-race inspection at Dover International Speedway.

- Feb. 12, 2006: Johnson's qualifying time for the Daytona 500 was disqualified after the car failed a post-qualifying inspection.

- Feb. 13, 2006: Suspended from the Daytona 500 for raising the rear window on Johnson's car to alter the aerodynamics during the team's qualifying run.


EOG Master
Cheating has always been apart of NASCAR and always will be.....nowadays it is harder....But finding loopholes in the rules is fine with me.....If you Ain't Cheatin you ain't Tryin' is what Junior Johnson said:+wink-2+