Citizen trump Court In-Game


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its only day 1

Did Trump Nod Off?​

Some observers at the trial say Trump may have nodded off during the morning’s proceedings, including New York Times reporter Maggie Haberman, who noted that Trump’s “head keeps dropping down and his mouth goes slack” before being “jolted back awake” after his lawyer passed him several notes.

HuffPost’s Sara Boboltz is in the courthouse and confirmed Trump had his eyes closed at certain points, but couldn’t definitively say the former president had actually fallen asleep.


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not going to jail. Worse case wears ankle hardware if that. Then if prez. he could pardon himself.


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trump fell asleep 3 of the days in court
Donald Trump’s team has angrily denied reports he fell asleep in court last week as his criminal trial in the Stormy Daniels hush money case got underway, but one witness said on Sunday that he saw it himself.
“I was in the courtroom. I saw him falling asleep,” MSNBC analyst Jonathan Alter told the network’s Ayman Mohyeldin. “This is not ‘reportedly.’ This actually happened.”

Alter said he saw the former president nodding off several times on Monday, Thursday and Friday.
“That’s not a good look. It makes it hard for him to call Joe Biden ‘Sleepy Joe,’” he said. “That nickname goes out the window.”


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a reporter said today he didn't see 10 people....go figure

Donald J. Trump


Thousands of people were turned away from the Courthouse in Lower Manhattan by steel stanchions and police, literally blocks from the tiny side door from where I enter and leave. It is an armed camp to keep people away


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Thousands of people were turned away, LMAO, the idiot just can't help himself from lying, let's see if he can manage to stay awake today


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Interesting lines:

will donald trump be found guilty on one or more felonies in new york "hush money case

Yes -395

will there be a hung jury or mistrial? (new york "hush money case")

No -829

boston massacre

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Some People Understand it.

Others ?

Completely Brain Washed.

In Addition To Being Stupid.

Those Type of People Work Well , For Democratic Politicians.

Like The Poster ^^^^ , Who Thinks Steele and Weismann have been Great .


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Ahole Cohen caught red-handed stealing $$ from Trump. Like this is news. Larceny has a cost if your anything other than a liberal punk.