Clemens Pitching Tonite Despite Mother's Death

<TABLE cellSpacing=0 cellPadding=0 width="100%" border=0><TBODY><TR><TD class=yspsctnhdln>Clemens' mother dies; he plans to pitch in her honor</TD></TR><TR><TD height=7><SPACER width="1" type="block" height="1"></TD></TR></TBODY></TABLE><TABLE cellSpacing=0 cellPadding=0 width="100%" border=0><TBODY><TR><TD>September 14, 2005

HOUSTON (AP) -- Roger Clemens' mother died early Wednesday, and the Houston Astros ace planned to pitch later that night in her honor.

Bess Clemens died at 4:30 a.m. in Georgetown, Texas, because of complications from emphysema, the Astros said. She was 75.

The Rocket was scheduled to start a key game against Florida at home on Wednesday night. The Marlins lead the NL wild-card race, with Houston 1 1/2 games behind.

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</NOSCRIPT></TD></TR></TBODY></TABLE>The seven-time Cy Young Award winner often shared his affection for his mother, saying her health was an important factor as he weighed retirement the past two offseasons.

Clemens also spoke of how much he hoped she'd be able to attend his Hall of Fame induction. His stepfather died when he was young, and his mother has been an inspiration.

``I don't want to speak to two empty chairs,'' Clemens said after winning the NL Cy Young last year.

Bess Clemens came to Yankee Stadium for his first attempt at his 300th win on May 26, 2003, against Boston. Suffering from emphysema and coming off a recent bout with pneumonia, she wore a breathing tube around her face. But she wasn't able to attend when Clemens won No. 300 two weeks later against St. Louis.

``She's not doing well enough to be here,'' Clemens said at the time.

His mother did throw out the ceremonial first pitch before a Yankees game in August 2003. ``It was great. They should have let her stay on the mound. She had better stuff than I had,'' Clemens said. Now 43, the Rocket is having an outstanding season. He went into his start 11-7 with 171 strikeouts and a major league-leading 1.78 ERA.

I would not go to work the day my mother died in my Mom's honor.

What the heck is he trying to prove?

Of course, everyone will kiss his ass about how he pitched at such a difficult time. He should be with his family, not on the mound.
He was really close with his mother. Just like Brett he is going to play since that's what he does and emotions are going to be running high.

Boston wins tonight boys.
His Mother had probably said to play since this was a lingering possibility and his team's season is on the line tonight. Same reason Brett Favre played that great Monday Night game because his Dad wouldn't have allowed him not to play because of him.:+thumbs-2
Btw JJ, Yanks win tonight Sox lose and the Yanks are only 1' games back of the Sox. Looking great man.

Yanks finish 2 games ahead of Sox by the end of the season.


EOG Dedicated
Unfortunately the death was probably expected, not that it makes it any easier when it happens. I'm sure his mother would have wanted him to pitch tonight!


EOG Enthusiast
Clemens has nothing to lose in this game. If he pitches well it was in her honor. If he pitches poorly the writer will say he shouldnt have pitched tonight because of her passing. Good luck tonight Roger. I hope you throw a gem!


EOG Enthusiast
Perhaps the most arrogant dick in pro sports. Can't stand the guy. Anyone with a heart would be too devastated the day a parent passed away to do anything but cry.

This jerk deserves no sympathy.
neel said:
Perhaps the most arrogant dick in pro sports. Can't stand the guy. Anyone with a heart would be too devastated the day a parent passed away to do anything but cry.

This jerk deserves no sympathy.

People have different relationships and viewpoints so saying "anyone with a heart" is out of line. Grieving and honoring are private acts. Brett Favre having a younger dad drop dead out of the blue from a heart attack was tougher to play than a dying mother with emphysema. I'm fairly sure the Clemens family had already made their peace with each other and her wishes were respected by her son.