Clippers foul trouble

Re: Clippers foul trouble

Paul is gassed out he needs to sit in the 2nd clippers u got a big lead you will need him 2nd half next hand is mid week so get this win and rest Monday Tuesday baby
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Green hibbo was waiting for u to come I'm just stiring up some shit lol

Wait till tomorrow's video

It ain't going to be no fucking 1s buddy
Re: Clippers foul trouble

Idk I put 200 In I got it up to 400 cashed out just a 100 on Thursday supposed to be same day and nada yet I'll see tomorrow and the 300 well it's at 1900 if clippers win

2k isn't a lot but George isn't a big book


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Re: Clippers foul trouble

Has your wife graduated from fat camp yet? This guy has a thread over @ another fourm of all lies... Feel bad for this loser.. 2k with George he was saying he took out 200 with 25 left over there posting... Wtf
Re: Clippers foul trouble

keith constant lying trying to get attention ,,, let me guess last one in school picked all your kid get a clue


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Re: Clippers foul trouble

Says he has a website.. Says he hits the gym looks like he has no idea what the difference between a gym and a buffett
Re: Clippers foul trouble

what a fucking loser lies lies and more lies dude give up your fantasies you are nothing but a troll

you have a 25-50$ wager if maybe that on this game trust me to bet that kind of money you must have a lot of money and we all know

you dont have it and we all know

you dont have proof so please shut it
Re: Clippers foul trouble

GTFO out of here your a broke loser who is a no one

What u bet ur the biggest air bettor on here
That $200 5dimes transfer Moldy sent me wasn't air. Until I bet it.
what a fucking loser! at least i post proof u fucking loser that is proof that i post

and what do you post you lier piece of shit nothing but air bets 500 - 1000$ we know that its monopoly money

and its all in your head fantasies at least everybody knowz that that kind of money is what i bet !

ask PO , dell dude told you, ask i wish i was a pro, ask ysman , ask golden

i sent everyone money and many others

yet you are the biggest POS on this forum lier and an air bettor :LMAO:LMAO
Re: Clippers foul trouble

I don't get what you try to prove biggamblerz. You prance around forum to forum trying to accomplish what exactly? Mold is a good dude and he probably has a better shot at nailing one of his 10 to 15 team juiced up parlays than you do nailing a 3 team parlay. Not joking either.
Re: Clippers foul trouble

yeah thats why you are jealous cause you cant afford even 50$ on a game you loser thats why you eat

pizza with the card board box together cause pizza is still not enough for you

you loser :LMAO