College Football Power Ratings


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I usually use the Perfomanz Football site for NCAA and NFL power ratings / line predictions, but they don't seem to have updated the NCAA yet..

Does anyone know a similar site?


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Performanz are good, they provide individual power ratings from several sources, tracked ratings, and data like:

Eastern Mich. Louisiana-Lafayette 5.00 5.50 2.92 5.00
Florida Louisiana Tech 28.00 29.00 21.21 5.50
Florida Atlantic Oklahoma St. -20.00 -14.50 -14.31 7.03
Georgia South Carolina 17.00 17.00 24.42 6.65
Georgia Tech North Carolina 13.00 12.00 14.84 5.11

Opening Line, Updated Line, Prediction Avg, Prediction S.D. from left to right.

They have actually updated since my first post, so I take it back ;o)

This shows the data from the systems last week:

Nothing spectacular, but used correctly and with all the ratings together, it's a useful resource.

One interesting titbit from last year, the opening line was 277-256 against the final spread.