Convict search heating up

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Has to feel good to be free after breaking out on a life sentence...

You would think that a second chance if life would have these thugs thinking about a fresh start with a fake aliases and getting a job and a family but most likely they will rob a bank and get caught....

Heard the Queen song in the way to the casino and thought how sad it would be.....'Momma, just killed a man, put a gun to his head pulled a trigger now he's dead... Life has just begun and now I've gone and thrown it all away...

How does someone get a life sentence at 21 and stay sane til death..
Re: Convict search heating up

With the execution and smarts they clearly showed in the escape itself, it amazes me how much time was wasted focusing on the area around the prison.

Do these guys look like fools? Far from it, probably long gone
Re: Convict search heating up

Media fear is all it is.

Uncaptured killers all over the US. All it is is adding 2 more to the pool.

Also, this is a good inspirational story for any kid or person who thinks they can't do something. These motherfuckers escaped jail!