Cooper Rush

John Kelly

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Played college football at Central Michigan.

Went undrafted in 2017.

All 32 NFL teams had a shot at him.

Virtually the same thing happened to Rush in high school.

He had only two scholarship offers: CMU and Toledo.

John Kelly

Born Gambler
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Three NFL starts for Rush and three victories, both straight-up and against the spread.

The Cowboys have won his three starts by 3, 4 and 7 points.


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After the Giants took the lead 13-6, the Cowboys were +4.5 and +225 ML at WH. Quickly I bet the ML, as the Cowboys drove, it rapidly came down, almost like their model was not going to give any more value on Dallas. Regrettably, by the time I was going to post it on the EOG BB thread, the Cowboys were close to scoring and the ML was around +120, went to -110 after they tied it.


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Aikman made a great point last night about how expendable back-ups are.

You have to produce immediately if given a shot.

Otherwise, you gone.