Cops and military should have a tattoo and alcohol ban on hiring

It's too complex. Cops are on edge. Everybody is really. We live in a different world today. Back then there was some order and understanding even with criminals. Now its everybody for themselves and group.

Technology has made it easier to catch criminals and bad but I feel it has enabled people to do bad things.
I dont blame cops and law for acting the way they do because it's more scary today because there is more of an unknown. Before, you can profile people and do certain things to prevent or warn others. Today you cant. 60 plus years smebody like the Vegas shooter is okay then one year he isnt and explodes. That's the world today.

I think politics are out of control. I think people act more impulsively than ever before.
An ex Navy female fighter pilot just saved 149 lives when she landed a 737 Southwest Air Liner at Philadelphia International of the planes engines went out and spread shrapnel inside the aircraft....that’s a hero.....