Couple Questions


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Is anyone else missing messages before 2008?

If so, does anyone remember why?

I was searching for a private message about a contest I ran years ago that had a nice story with it (poster won the free contest and at the time needed the money) but I realized my messages only go back to 08.

Also, I realized that I have zero messages from The Shrink anymore in there or King Revolver along with others. I'm not one to delete messages so I'm pretty confident it wasn't me... but I seem to have every message diogee and I sent. Whatever happened to diogee?


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Yeah, a bunch of old posts and pm's were accidentally deleted after the last forum update about 4-5 years ago.

I was also searching for some old posts from way back but they have also all disappeared without a trace, never to be heard from again.


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That's a shame. We used to have a lot of fun here and some pretty wild threads emerged from that.


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Mr. Teaser, if i remember correctly the software update that changed everyone's was a little later than 99 but you correct that everyone's join date changed but the RX would change it back if you asked. Maybe 2004.


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Yes that's correct the software updates of 2004 changed many posters JOIN dates and erased many past posts prior to that time. I'm assuming the same went on at other sites at different times/years because I remember hearing past messages went missing and were no longer retrievable.