Damn..has this ever happened to you while texting?

I woke up to a text from Kingrevolver from last night when I was sleeping, I replied at 5am when he was sleeping I'm sure and I didn't hear from him until noon...that's where the problem started

Problem was I was already texting with poster Fairwarning at a frantic rate where we where both answering and asking questions one step behind each other which is typical, well I make it no secret that I talk and text with posters only about two subjects...gambling and forum gossip...I don't care about anything else.

So as I fire a text to FW I get this in response ..' Those assholes can do what they want that site will die anyway'

So I fire back ' yeah I bet Boat will be the first one to jump ship'......no reply so I write ' Kinger can't carry a site by himself...him and JK were a good team...king fvcked up'

Then I recieve a text that says... ' who are you talking to'? ....

Fvcking Kinger had shown up at exactly the perfect time as me and FW were gossiping about the forums and I didn't even notice the name change on the phone.....

I felt bad at first but looking back I followed the insult with a compliment and the insult really was just opinion....he called me a mthr fvcker but laughed it off ....I hope I didn't hurt his feelings, I don't think it was anything I wouldn't have said to his face but it wasn't to his face so...awkward...

Any good stories about this happening to you?
Re: Damn..has this ever happened to you while texting?

All I could say is that I was putting in plays for a guy on the job who swore to his wife he wasn't betting,,,He texted his wife a bunch of plays.Not good.Funny thing he went like 5-2 that week.probably the only week he won in 7.His hot headed wife didn't care and of course I was the bad guy.

Live and learn...:doh1
Re: Damn..has this ever happened to you while texting?

Haha...did he get the bets in thru you after the text to his wife or was it too late after he figured it out?


I want winners...
Re: Damn..has this ever happened to you while texting?

I once texted my ex-wife when I thought I was texting another woman. Guess how that turned out?:doh1