Designer drug Demorphin increases racehorses "locomotor activity" ...


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A new PED -40x more powerful than heroin- is making the rounds of racetracks.Demorphine is
difficult to detect in drug tests because its structure can easily be changed.
There seems to be a tell based on a horses pre-race behavior.
Even being aware of this,it affects the handicapping process,when what you see isn't always what
you get...

The most recent substance in this parade is dermorphin, a relative of heroin that is 40 times more powerful than morphine and is commonly referred to as "frog juice."

Dermorphin is an opiate, another member of the family of illegal drugs of days past. As such it?s designed both to be a painkiller and to increase locomotor activity. It turns out that only a portion of the chemical structure of a molecule of dermorphin actually accomplishes this task?the rest is along for the ride, meaning it could be removed or altered without changing the drug?s effects.
Dr. Rick Sams, director of the HFL Sport Science Lab in Lexington, Ky., said that when news of dermorphin first broke in 2012, he ordered several samples from commercial labs around the country to see what he was dealing with.

One of the first things he found was that the form of dermorphin that is being used in horses is actually not identical to the substance naturally found in tree frogs.

Because dermorphin?s weight is so easily changed, Sams said that there hundreds, if not thousands, of possible variations (called analogues) of dermorphin. Figuring out which one to look for would take an incredibly lucky guess.

Instead, dermorphin is excellent at creating "increased locomotor activity" in the horse?usually seen by rapid movement or pacing in the stall which is thought to convert to an increased capacity for speed on the track.

Because of this, dermorphin isn?t just useful to trainers who have lame horses in need of some help to appear sound on race day?its ability to increase locomotor activity means it would manipulate any horse?s performance, and the right analogue would be almost impossible to detect.

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Re: Designer drug Demorphin increases racehorses "locomotor activity" ...

Guess its all been done before,just in different ways:
...drugging was SO widespread and accepted back in the day, that Johnny Loftus once stood before
the stewards and alibied a Sir Barton loss by blaming the trainer, Hard Guy Bedwell, for putting him
on a "cold" horse.

Reportedly, officials considered that reason enough to reprimand both Loftus AND Bedwell. The
unwritten policy simply asked that a horseman be consistent- Either dope a horse ALL the time,or
none of the time.

And, of course, relating to Ben Jones....the occasional inference that Citation was addicted to cocaine.

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Exactly. I always liked the 30 min format because it was short and to the point. I dont feel like the current car features have any more substance than when it was a 30 min show. Now is just "extras" which I dont really care for.