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"Wow .... Omni ... look what we found!!! ....Ohhhh, shit .... this does not help"

Here we have another piece of wreckage. The color seems to be a lighter blue than that used by American Airlines. However the piece is also too small to correspond with the lettering on the 757 paint job according to other analysis work done on this web page. Just scroll down a ways to see it.

Clearly the blue part of the color is wrong and it supports the theory that something made to look like an American Airlines 757 is what actually hit the Pentagon. Also the granularity of the paint is different the AA 757 has a more metallic look to it.


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Doc wonder if the Clarity of that Photo has anything to do with the color being off :+clueless ..... you think...... If not then why aren't there Clearer pictures used in this Argument.... you can find them all day long on the Internet :yikess

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