Did Florida State really lose tonight?


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I'm not sure what FSU coach was thinking on JSU last second winning TD pass.

I've watched it over and over. Single coverage on their best receiver!?

And the effort by the safety on the cutback is hilarious 😆

Norvell says post-game he was not in prevent because JSU had one timeout left and had coverage underneath.

Is he for real!? 6 seconds left, JSU beyond mid-field.
Beyond the stupidity in the NCAAF coaching realm, betting this (and winning) has become way more difficult in the last couple of years. Not sure if it's the transfer portal, quick hook on coaches or turbulence within the assistant coaching ranks but I've taken a "tread lightly" approach to the NCAAF card these last 2 weeks. Would've been a bloodbath today had I not. Need to recalibrate what is happening in this market.

John Kelly

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Everyone blames everything on COVID-19.

My suggestion to Florida State head coach Mike Norvell: Blame it on the COVID-19 restrictions.

Bobby Bowden is spinning in his grave right now.


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many players going to FCS schools. The teams of the past are getting weaker. The elite are still solid.