Do you want kids?

If you don't already have them. Not me, not now. Maybe when I was younger I wanted kids but right now I cannot see them in my future. Not a real patient or tolerant person.

If you have kids, are you happy with the choices you made?
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Best thing that ever happened to me is when my daughter was born....would have had more but marriage never agreed with me.....
Re: Do you want kids?

if you wait too long, you'll have no choice but to find some chick thats already been married once or twice and has 3 kids from 2 husbands.


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Re: Do you want kids?

Got two and got my hands full. Never wanted kids before, but now that I have them I love them and spoil them. Damn their expensive to raise.
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I love and adore my kids.... I would burn their mother at the stake if I had the chance.... and Im still with the broad.

Be happy before you procreate.

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Re: Do you want kids?

-If you have any kind of life or obsessive hobby, wait as long as possible

-If you'd like to continue with that obsessive hobby to any extent, make sure your wife is understanding

-All the cheesy cliches are completely true
Re: Do you want kids?

No kids right now, but setting the O/U at Over 1.5 -220, Under 1.5 +180.

Yep, you can see I'd be a great father.


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Re: Do you want kids?

Let me tell you all something . I never wanted kids. I have a 3 yr old daughter. Girl is smart , social, loves being athletic , the best you could ask for... Having said all that would I have another one fuck no. Would I advise anyone else to have them fuck no...
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The 2 posts above are spot on...lot's of kids having kids is a recipe for disaster..

I have 2 girls, 28 and 7, and I wouldn't change a thing..little one is the reason I live, she keeps me going.

It's not for everyone, but it can be rewarding in a huge way...Too each their own!!!
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Uh, kids are great...

Older one wrecked the first car I bought him, had a disrespectful mouth, disobeyed my wife and I, ruined expensive vacations, etc.

Younger one messed around with grass, caught bookmaking in high school, ran arounds with idiots, etc.

Both now in college (older one a freshman and younger one in running start), acting appropriately and working full time.

You have to go through lots of the bad to get to the good with kids.

I know I would have many more thousands of dollars in my pockets, but they may be the only thing standing between me and a nursing home some day.