Does anyone have baseball winners on this site...?

Seattle,Baltimore Atlanta,Boston

Seattle,Baltimore Atlanta,Boston

looks like a sure 0-4. I should just run a fade on everything I see.
baltimore has 10 hits to 4, what do u want. game isnt over, but balt was the play.

ATl over u played, u won

Felix had terrible control, game isnt over.

boston u got from someone who got blown out. not mine

Yes baltimore game isnt over and the box score is making me sick but youhave to realize its a long season

seattle leads them loaded guy swings at ball4 leadoff man just walked top of the order is up
never seen so much crying on a capping site before. i thought men capped games and babies cried and needed to be coddled.

who claims a loss on 2 run game thats in the 7th?