Don Best Breach

they got your credit cards . I must have given them 10 different cards . Still on file. They never take them off. They still have a pic of me from 2nd grade. They won't erase it. Good news though they finally got the schedules fixed after 25 years. Now the program needs some serious help. If everyone chipped in from all the forums we could help them out and bring back DBS3
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what is the letter about?

letter to notify you of a data security incident that occurred at Don Best Sports Corporation and DBS Canada Corporation that occurred between October 18, 2018 and October 28, 2018.

What happened: On November 1, 2018, Scientific Games Corporation acquired Don Best. On Dec 21 - while integrating the newly acquired Don Best network - Scientific Games learned that unauthorized individuals may have hacked Don Best. The investigation discovered a malware attack.

Database gave up id info but supposedly not credit card info.

They recommended placing a freeze on one's credit report and other identity theft tips. Change passwords - monitor credit reports - the freeze would make it more difficult to open an account in your name.

The first thing tomorrow - I am going to call the credit cards and get new cards. But, that seems to be their least worry.
no big deal, credit cards have auto alerts . they know where you are with your cell phone more or less. Not responsible for anything over $50 I am pretty sure. .. There is video at most stores. This is a few phone calls and let the banks know. More of a don best and bank headache / LE. ..Cannot open a bank acct without ID

if it was not you , not responsible.