John Kelly

Born Gambler
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Andrew Luck went from having a calf strain to a bone issue.

He is being held out of joint practices with the Browns this week.

Will not play in Week 2 of the preseason.

John Kelly

Born Gambler
Staff member
Indy head coach Frank Reich was not pleased with his team's running game in Week 1 against the Bills.

Twenty-two carries and only 50 yards.

Final score: Buffalo 24 Indianapolis 16.


EOG Master
This issue with calf/ankle has lingered for 5 months. He's going to be ready in 3.5 weeks!? He's only practiced 3x since April. You can see on ESPN his side to side mobility is very limited. What makes the 'no' look more attractive is Luck's own words after his shoulder issues, to wit, won't step on the field this time unless 100%. He's far from that. Colts better hope it doesn't go into WK 4-5.