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Scored 37 points last night in a come-from-behind win over the Nuggets.

Nash said before the game that he wasn't sure if KD would play Wednesday versus the Knicks.

However, the Nets are 5.5-point road favorites over the Knicks so you know Durant is playing.

First back-to-back game for KD following his Achilles tear last season.

Of course, no Kyrie for Brooklyn.
The Nets are now realizing what the Celtics went through, for as talented as he is, Kyrie just isn't worth it, he isn't worth the bullshit and drama he brings. The guy completely disappears for "personal reasons", then the other day a video surfaces of a maskless Irving at someone's birthday party, so for whatever reason he's missed his teams last several games, but there he is at a birthday party, throw in the fact that he's not wearing a mask and that means when he is ready to return, he'll have to miss more games due to quarantine, the guy just doesn't get it, I've said it before and it still applies, great individual talent, but doesn't make his teammates better and is not a leader
Oh God...so it's leaked Kyrie is upset they didn't ask for his input on a coach. He didn't want Nash.

Stay tuned...

The way Irving is going his next team will be the Globetrotters.