Dwade taken to Hospital

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yea dirt,
I think he is just trying to go back to that rehab joint so he can do that "lil blonde" again.



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Man, hearing sports talk radio in the car this morning, was depressing. Sounded like someone died....oh wait, that was the Heats post-season hopes...

Anyways, I fully expect Riley to have a hip flare up or whatever as soon as we drop a few in a row...

I'm thinking we got till 3 pm today to make a trade. DO they do something crazy to try and make a playoff push without Wade? Or do they accept the season as over?

Shoulda made the trade for AI
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^^^ lol

It's really sad to see this. Funny thing is, all people did was doubt the Heat last year and they won. All the Heat have to is make the playoffs at least in the 7th seed to avoid Detroit and wait to get Wade back healthy.

It sucks though. One thing after another. Looks like he might be out 4-6 weeks.

It's really going to hurt in my fantasy league :hung


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yeah, Shaq as on the radio saying how he's gonna have to start playing aggressively now and etc..basically, they need to somehow keep it together and like you said, hope to limp into the playoffs, and hope Wade gets back...

I mean, we still got Shaq..yes an old, beaten down, lazy Shaq, but that's still better than what most teams have down low...he will attract even more double teams now, which means Posey, Kapono, Williams and Walker are going to have to hit the open j's. Hopefully we can dump Walker somehow before 3pm today, but I doubt it.
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Latest is it is a seriously dislocated shoulder and there is doubt whether he will be able to play again this season. He may possibly be gone up to 8 weeks.
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when I went in, to bang in a piece of over night stuff, for this game last night, it came back like it does over at jambet,:+computer

said that the "number moved" and did I still want it?
I ok'd it fast buddy it went from 7 to 12

had the dog

d ray

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They just said on TNT he may be out for the year, depending on when wade has surgery. David aldrich said he probably should have it now, ending his year and Miami's.
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Wasn't that Kobe who did the blonde?
Hey big,

be right back buddy, let me make another cocktail so I can fix that.to go to that rehab joint that koby went...
I ment kobe's buddy that rehab place, thank you I stand, connected.

anyway, like marks illistration up there, unless pat riley plays for the remainder of the season and averages these kind of numbers:

Points per game: 72
Assists: 37
from the line:99%
3 point shots:29/30
blocked shots:24

they are done
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Re: Dwade taken to Hospital

R.I.P. Miami Heat's 2006-2007 Season

I am an idiot:

<table border="0" cellpadding="0" cellspacing="0" width="100%"><tbody><tr class="ysptblthbody1"><td class="yspdetailttl" height="18" width="19%">Southeast</td> <td class="yspdetailttl" align="right" width="4%">W</td> <td class="yspdetailttl" align="right" width="4%">L</td> <td class="yspdetailttl" align="right" width="8%">Pct</td> <td class="yspdetailttl" align="right" width="8%">GB</td> <td class="yspdetailttl" align="right" width="10%">Home </td> <td class="yspdetailttl" align="right" width="10%">Road </td> <td class="yspdetailttl" align="right" width="10%">Div </td> <td class="yspdetailttl" align="right" width="10%">Conf </td> <td class="yspdetailttl" align="right" width="10%">Streak </td> <td class="yspdetailttl" align="right" width="7%">L10 </td> </tr> <tr class="ysprow1"> <td> Miami</td> <td align="right">38</td> <td align="right">32</td> <td align="right">.543</td> <td align="right">--</td> <td align="right">24-12</td> <td align="right">14-20</td> <td align="right">8-4</td> <td align="right">22-19</td> <td align="right">Won 1 </td> <td align="right">7-3 </td> </tr> <tr class="ysprow2"> <td> Washington</td> <td align="right">37</td> <td align="right">32</td> <td align="right">.536</td> <td align="right">0.5</td> <td align="right">25-9</td> <td align="right">12-23</td> <td align="right">7-4</td> <td align="right">23-16</td> <td align="right">Lost 3 </td> <td align="right">3-7 </td> </tr> <tr class="ysprow1"> <td> Orlando</td> <td align="right">33</td> <td align="right">38</td> <td align="right">.465</td> <td align="right">5.5</td> <td align="right">21-14</td> <td align="right">12-24</td> <td align="right">7-7</td> <td align="right">20-23</td> <td align="right">Won 2 </td> <td align="right">5-5 </td> </tr> <tr class="ysprow2"> <td> Atlanta</td> <td align="right">27</td> <td align="right">45</td> <td align="right">.375</td> <td align="right">12.0</td> <td align="right">15-21</td> <td align="right">12-24</td> <td align="right">5-9</td> <td align="right">14-28</td> <td align="right">Lost 4 </td> <td align="right">4-6 </td> </tr> <tr class="ysprow1"> <td> Charlotte</td> <td align="right">26</td> <td align="right">45</td> <td align="right">.366</td> <td align="right">12.5</td> <td align="right">16-19</td> <td align="right">10-26</td> <td align="right">4-7</td> <td align="right">17-24</td> <td align="right">Lost 2 </td> <td align="right">4-6</td></tr></tbody></table>
Re: Dwade taken to Hospital

no team that has shaq, g.p., twan, eddie jones, jwill, etc can be written off (obviously).
and in the east where you only need to be 5 games under .500 they didn't need to play THIS well lol.

one of my favorite quotes about nba basketball is "every team has $50 million worth of guys". and even without wade there's a lot of talent in miami because payton/walker are taking below market pay to play with shaq/flash.