ECU vs Memphis...LOTS of things to consider...


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Let's take a look at the matchup between ECU and Memphis tonight to see what stands out to everyone...hopefully this will get lots of feedback.

The first thing I looked at when analyzing this matchup was the common opponents.

Both teams have played Marshall and UCF. In these games ECU has outscored these common opponents 40-31 while Memphis has been outscored by these same opponents 59-30. I believe what stands out most in this comparison is the advantage that the ECU defense brings to the table. There is only an average of 5 points per game advantage for the ECU offense as compared to the almost 15 points per game that the ECU defensive advantage gives.

ECU also earns the check mark for 3rd down %, average points per game, turnover margin, points given up and special teams which as we all know in football can be a HUGE advantage.

The one statistical advantage that really stands out for Memphis is the big play. With a chance of rain might this limit the deep ball for the Tigers?...If it does this will level out and also give ECU the advantage. ECU has a better run defense then Memphis and on the offensive side of the ball Dominique Lindsay is averaging almost 5.7 yards per carry for the Pirates, which in the rain could be a huge advantage.

With the quarterback issues that Memphis has been having this season as well as the weather and ground game that the Pirates should bring into the game the under has to be considered.

Memphis does play well at home compared to its away schedule where as ECU has not traveled well this year with a 1-3 record. My lean if I had to bet this game would be on the Pirates and would be an easy pick for me if ECU hadn't been such a dud on the road this year. RAIN, big plays limited, consistent ground game, struggling Memphis quarterback's and a solid ECU front gives ECU the edge and possibly the under in this matchup...OPINIONS???
Re: ECU vs Memphis...LOTS of things to consider...

Looks like a lot of love for the under.

the total has been moving down a bit

10/27 08:43 48? -105 / 48? -105
10/27 09:33 48? +102 / 48? -113
10/27 10:53 48? +106 / 48? -117
10/27 11:22 47? -105 / 47? -105
10/27 13:27 47? -101 / 47? -109
10/27 14:43 47? +102 / 47? -113
10/27 14:48 47 -109 / 47 -101
10/27 14:58 47? -103 / 47? -107
10/27 15:58 47? -105 / 47? -105


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Re: ECU vs Memphis...LOTS of things to consider...

The under would seem to be the play if it was raining...wonder what game time kickoff weather will actually be...


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Re: ECU vs Memphis...LOTS of things to consider...

Lloyd Dumbler doesn't believe in looking at common opponents. He prefers to look at LAST YEAR'S game between the two teams.


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Re: ECU vs Memphis...LOTS of things to consider...

Last year 30-10 routing by ECU leans with the under and ECU as well...ECU is 7-0 ATS in this series and has won by an average of 17 points over its past 3 meetings...Memphis also comes in with a 3-6 record in Tuesday night games.