EOG’s Pro Football Contest Presented by BetDSI - Week 3 thread, official lines, etc.

Welcome to week 3 players, official lines are below and will be updated on the entry form too. Good luck this week!

The deadline to submit your selections is Saturday 11pm PT / Sunday 2am ET. Don't get shut out

Reminder that if you use the Thursday game, you must submit all 5 selections for the week prior to the start of the Thursday game.

There are three ways to your selections:

1. You can email your 5 selections to eog@mrbowling300.com , and be sure to put your EOG handle in the subject line.

2. You can private message them to me here at EOG.

3. You can complete the online entry form at: http://eog.mrbowling300.com/eog.shtml (This has the contest lines as well)


EOG Dedicated
I'm feeling good about this week. Feeling a 2.5.
Took miami tonight. Jags D blows. Guy with mustache not as good as been playing. dolphins OLine isn't bad.
If WG posts contest only lines for the two covid games, I'd like to see them excluded from our options until an actual line somebody can bet into is available on Friday or Saturday.

It's so stupid when the WG does this during the season with contests.