EOG's Best Bet thread for Friday, June 24


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2 team MLB parlay:
Miami Marlins -132
Tampa Bay Rays -210
Parlay pays +159 BAS

[I also like Braves (v Dodgers) - I paid +120, now at +118]

John Kelly

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Liberty over 157' wnba

I'm on the other side. Took the Under 158 because the Dreams bread and butter is the 12-15 footer and that's what NYL defends really well. You add that to the fact that the Liberty plays with such slow pace and I have this a full 6 points lower.

Pro v Ruca.

Advantage PRO after one quarter.

Live total now 170.

Of course, a long way to go.

John Kelly

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You can't do much better than that.

Scoreless after five.

Thanks OUCH.

The result was in sharp contrast to my bet last night on the Sparks +4.5.

When I saw an early score last night of 11-4, I had a feeling it would be a long night.

And it was.