EOG's Best Bet thread for Friday, March 27

>Posting Friday for Friday spot for Friday match...
Friday, March 27, 2020 C.V.—Enhörna IF -167 (SportsBetting.ag) 🌸

2 pm EDT/1 pm CDT/11 am PDT—So there are some things on the board Friday—more Friendlies from Sweden. Yipee. Who needs MLB or the Sweet 16 when we can pretend a fucking Friendly between two lower-tier Swedish clubs is Caviar? It’s Today again, that flea that won’t leave the Dog and I’d say Sweden is nuts, but we (theoretically) have Mike Pence in charge of the biggest problem in recent Human history. Think about that. Good luck is right, Bubba. Anyway, at some Sites you have to weed through the reeds to find what games may actually be real games—this one seemed not to be after 27 minutes of research—and it looks like there are 5 in Scandinavia with a bunch of Russian crap tomorrow.

I see this thing called “E-Soccer” with Odds, but I promise you fearless readers of words that I will be writing an essay about the idea of living a lavish Life between the two luscious titties of Selma Hayek (53) before I will ever be writing about fucking Millennials sitting down at a Keyboard doing something. (I am probably way off. But Zero is the precise number of Fucks I am giving right now. And it's always Now.) I will be erecting a very small Starbucks under her left cha-cha and a very small Sportsbook near the right breast for my own personal use... My 1, the eog Spellcheck should know the word "cha-cha" by now. JFC. "Sophisticated" my ass...

The Odds in this game I am now previewing for y’all guys is Enhorna IF vs Södertälje FK from the Friluftsgården in Enhörna, Sweden in less than 3 Hours, Earth Time, with the hosts currently favored in a tight -167 to -171 range over visiting Södertälje FK with the Total at 4½u -111 (BetOnline). Offshore books Pinnacle, 5Dimes, BetOnline and SportsBetting.ag are all hanging a number on this Pandemic Age fixture. Bovada had a 5 up earlier, but it doesn’t appear on the SportsbookReview screen but is up on the Bovada website.

Because of the high Home line, the nature of the game and the high Total (4½-5), Logic dictates the Homeboys win this one and when Soccer games offer a -1 Handicap (Enhorna -1 -120, Pinnacle), the chalks usually win (or Push in that market), so lay the Lumber and go for the win at the higher price. Good luck if betting, I must get back in The Lab after wasting precious Time. Fuck Facebook. Fuck Groupthink. People were so much more Human before Smartphones. Be seeing you.

Enhörna IF 3 Södertälje FK 1


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>Posting Friday night for Saturday spot for early Saturday match...
Saturday, March 28, 2020 C.V.—FC Brest -178 (Pinnacle) 🌸

9 am EDT/6 am PDT—The World keeps on turning as we struggle to make new routines in the face of so much many Changes to what once was normal in our 24/7 Digital Age Wild Lives which went from 777 mph to a screeching halt possibly from 2 animals who never even knew each other and possibly eating the same piece of Fruit. Who knows? Everybody knows but nobody knows and now frontline workers are threatening to walk out as some Doctors and Nurses start to pass away from an evil virus bearing the same number (19) as the Jerseys once worn by proud Rocket Men Johnny Unitas (NFL), Tony Gwynn (MLB), Willis Reed (NBA) and Steve Yzerman (NHL). The Internet is a strange place.

Early Saturday in the Belarusian Premier League Matchweek 2, Slusakhar Slutsk (1-0-0, 3 GF-1 GA) will welcome FC Dinamo Brest (0-0-1, 1 GF-1 GA) at City Stadium (Grass) in Slutsk. In Week 1 action, Dinamo Brest tied with Smolevichi-STI, 1-1 as Cameroonian Gaby Kiki equalized for the hosts in the 69-minute mark after the visitors took a 1-0 lead on a Vladislav Mukhamedov goal at 55’ last Friday while Slusakhar Slusakhar Slutsk beat Slavia Mozyr, 3-1 to open up the new season smack dab in the middle of a worldwide Pandemic, where you can run but you can’t hide, bwah. For Those About To Work on the front lines in this Modern War, we salute you.

Looking at the Head-to-Head series Trends, we see that Brest in 4-1-0 the L5 meetings with the Slutsk (BREST 3-2 SLUTS, SLUTS 1-3 BREST, BREST 4-0 SLUTS, SLUTS 1-1 BREST, SLUTS 1-2 BREST), outscoring them 13-5 and going an unbeaten 2-1-0 at Slutsk (ФК Слуцк) who were founded in 1998 with the proud support of the Slutsk Sugar Refinery. Remember Don Best Rotations?

With the visitors having to settle for a sad Draw in Week 1, expect Dinamo Brest to trytrytry to get off on the right foot here and notch its first Win against Slutsk who are an unbeaten 3-2-0 in their L5 overall (10 GF-4 GA). Take To The Me To River. Water is involved in everything, everywhere almost all the time. Las Vegas, Chicago, Lalaland, Frisco, Houston, Miami, New Orleans and New York City are all where they are and what they are because of the H2O they built around. Perhaps Aliens came here because of Water? You are Water.

Slutsksakar Slutsk 1 Dinamo Brest 2



TYVM Morgan William!!!

Next MLB Game to be Played August 1st or Sooner: NO +125

I have YES -110 but I'm not as confident in that as I once was. NO was priced much higher but this allows me to "get off" YES and know at worst I B/E

Winkyduck 630-855-42 +0.20 UNITS (Brighton +185 and Bournemouth +125 to be Relegated; Chase Young to be the #1 Overall pick in the 2020 NFL Draft +200; Sheffield United to win the FA Cup +5500; Man City to win the Champions League +410; Vegas Knights to win the West +550; (t)RUMP to NOT be the 2020 RepubliCON POTUS Nominee +500; Patriots QB Week 1 2020 Reg.Season: Andy Dalton +500; 2 Units on Will Jacoby Brissett be Colts starter for Week 1 - NO +100; Next MLB Game to be Played August 1st or Sooner: YES -110 AND NO +125; Dodgers to win the NL +200: Patriots RSW Ov8.5 -110 AND RSW Un9.5 -110)