EOG's Best Bet thread for Friday, March 29


TYVM Morgan William!!!
BO: Lakers/Pacers Un244.5 -115

Winkyduck 1339-1916-107 +17.16 UNITS - (WCBB: Saturday on ABC at 12:30P: Buff Ladies +8 -110 and ML +300, USC -3.5 -110; What will happen first: US Integrity flags a game (Over - LBSU Retaining Dan Monson) +110 (Monson NOT being brought back so this is either a WIN or NO Action); Colorado WCBB to win Title 66-1; Marvin Harrison, Jr. to be drafted 3rd overall +240; Cavs to win Div +310; Suns to MISS Playoffs (Making Play in but missing Playoffs) +200, Kings to win Pacific +750; Victor W to NOT win RoY +130 & NOT to be eligible for Postseason awards: Victor W +225; Wizards to have fewest NBA wins this season +250, Wizards Un14.5 RSW -130; First non-extradition country Trump enters: Russia +200; LA Kings to MISS the Playoffs +250; PL Plays: City/Liverpool finish 1/2 (In this order) +450, Brighton Under 56.5 points -106 & Un58.5 -115, Luton Town Ov29.5 +106, Sheffield United to finish DFL +250; Clemson to win CWS 28-1; MLB RSW Plays - both Sox UNDER: Boston 80.5 -115, White 63.5 -120 and Angels Un72.5 -115, Phillies more RSW than Rangers -120,, Royals more RSW than Pirates -110, Most RSW HR: Bryce Harper over Mike Trout -105, Rockies longest losing streak UN9.5 games -110; Beto O'Rourke to be Dem 2024 POTUS Nominee 66-1, Kari Lake to be 2024 GOP VP Nominee: 40-1; 2024 Republican Senate Races MoV - all UNDER: Missouri 11.5% -120, Tennessee 19.5% -120, Texass 6% +150; Lauren Boebert to be re-elected in 2024: NO -225, Joe Biden to win the 2024 POTUS Election +165)


TYVM Morgan William!!!
Final score: 70-65, Oregon State.

Another documented winner for ComptrBob.

The man knows when to dive into the pool.

..........as opposed to some of us who had OSU +3 before the game started.................

FWIW: Look at Oregon State and UNDER Sunday vs the Cocks. Just like Indiana, the Lady Beavers will be a tough "out" and they have the kind of game that can BEAT the Lady Cocks


The opening odds start here
Fast or slow Houston wasn't beating Duke without Shead.
Not my point although was a shame to see Shead suffering with the ankle injury . Houston found a team that can stand up to them slowing the pace.
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