EOG's Best Bet thread for Monday, May 9

Dell Dude

EOG Master
I will wait until 1200 EST to email DQ for a what up yo status update. As Mel Farr as JK, I'll just keep trolling until he grades my +5500 winner.

Dell Dude

EOG Master
Grade it, JK! Another winner! I'm still the WON!

Hello hustletriple,

Thank you for completing the verification process and helping us keep your account safe.

We have gone ahead and removed the restrictions on your account and you now have full access to your DraftKings account.

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The DraftKings Team

DQ unlocks my account before JK grades my +5500 Jason debutantè.


EOG Addicted
2 team parlay -109 FanDuel

Boston Celtics +1.5 games (series spread) -134
Golden State Warriors (series) -1000

Dell Dude

EOG Master
Now that DQ has unlocked my account and pawcessed my payout, I am off be best strike. JK still on the clock.

Bookmaker, +38100

Bucks -1 & u212.5
Memphis +10.5 & u223
Beard +132 & u209.5
Mavs +225 & o213


TYVM Morgan William!!!
Pinny: Tuesday MLB: 910 Dbacks F5 +125 (LP: MadBum-Luzardo)
DK: Nottingham Forest to be Promoted to the PL +175

Winkyduck 989-1397-76 -25.69 UNITS (Tuesday: May 10: 910 Dbacks F5 +125; Nottingham Forest to be Promoted to the PL +175; Chris Paul NBA Finals MVP 9-1; MLB: Reds RSW Un 74.5 -145, A's RSW Un70.5 -145, Dodgers RSW Ov97.5 -135; Kyle Schwarber to hit most HR: 28-1 & Tyler O'Neil 30-1; 202, Most Steals: Miles Straw 16-1; Albert Pujols to: Move into 4th all-time in HR list +450; Hit 700th HR +1000; Dodgers to win NL West -225, Walker Buehler Cy Young +900; GA Senate Race: Democrats +132; First non-extradition country Trump enters: Russia +200)


All I do is trytrytry
serious gambling super serious in Europe.

and the longest running TV contest annual event in history. where ABBA made it big...