EOG's Best Bet thread for Monday, May 9


TYVM Morgan William!!!
Come on DD - Can you make the smallest effort to keep from being tedious?

It's all I can do to keep from hitting the Ignore button on you. SIX posts before 10AM?

IGNORE him. Best move you can make. Did it a long time ago to I WELCH ON BETS Dude - glad I did it. Just don't make a bet with WELCH DUDE since he is like everyone else here - will not pay when he loses even though the money is going to Charity. Exactly like one of his heroes - Eric (t)RUMP who stole money from a Children's Charity


EOG Dedicated
Two plays and two winners for CB tonight.

One was easy, the other one was extremely difficult.

Yes, the Warriors was a real sweat. When I bet it, the -2.5-line lasted about 20 seconds. I bet ML Warriors several times to hedge my Memphis futures. Tonight, I think Memphis showed how gutsy they are.